Some writers and their wordcounts

There are a couple of reasons why authors want to do the right thing. Do they need to be included in a document so they know? Need a guide to guide you along the way? Do not be hungry at first when you return from work, so that you can pay close attention to what is being written. What is clear is that what is good for a writer is not good for a writer.

The hard part is finding the author you want and spending time in your daily life. After all, you are either a good writer or a writer. If you want to write a book about what you do, then you are a writer. If you are passionate about writing every week, then you are the writer! For this, the authors want to repeat, but the authors follow their own examples.

This desire leads to one of the most frequently asked questions by the authors. How many things do I have to write each day? However, it has a higher quality. But by writing the words that successful writers write every day, you should be able to express what you want to achieve. I want to count the words of the book you write every day, nothing more.

Fortunately, many people put thousands of words on social media. Write down their daily habits, what they ate, or their thoughts in the last chapter. If you are a serious writer, do your best and avoid social media whenever possible and focus on your writing project. After finishing the book, I know you will not say, “Hopefully you will post a lot on Facebook and let everyone know the features of my life”.

Count the words of the day
As you can see by reading the list below, counting the lists is no different than a successful author. Well, all these writers are tired of writing. They do not work forty hours a week. If you have been writing for a long time and know a lot of lists, you can compare them to popular authors!
Ernest Hemingway: 500 words

Yes, Hemingway is no longer alive, but he wrote about 500 words a day while he was alive. “When I was working on a book or a story, I wrote that the sun rises every morning,” Hemingway says. It starts at 6 in the morning and lasts until noon or ends before that. ”
Stephen King: 2000 words

Stephen King seems to be one of the most famous writers in history. He may have a long book, full of words, or you may think he writes more words every day. However, this is not always the case.

The king spoke of his speed in writing his book Writing: Remembering the Craft. The daily goal is set at 2,000 words. That word is 180,000 in three months. He also said that three months is the deadline for anyone to complete the first project. It is difficult to access a story in a positive way if it takes too long. In addition, the king can attend marathon classes. The man recorded a week-long run.
Jack London: 1,500 words

Jack London’s famous book, The Wild Call, is an old book. He may have been small, but he died at the age of forty. “You can’t wait to breathe, you have to hold on to the stick,” he said.
Tom Wolfe: 135 words

Tom Wolfe is the author of many popular books that turn into movies. Real estate and Free Bonfire are just a couple. However, he does not seem to be in a hurry to finish his books. His book, The Perfect Man, is 370,000 words long and takes 11 years to complete. “My parents thought that was my job: to write, not to finish a book called ‘Everyone,'” Vuck says.
Mark Twin: 1400-1800 words

If Mount Rushmore was saved, Mark Twin would have been saved. But sometimes he realizes it depends on where it is written. In 1897, at Tidworth Square in London, as I was writing the equator, I was comparing eight hundred words a day. Here in Florence (1904) my words seem to compare 1,400 words every four or five hours.
В. Somerset Mugham: 1000 words

В. Somerset Mugam is a playwright, novelist and storyteller.

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